Drafting an All-Cal starting five

It’s NBA Draft time, folks — that magical time of year when teams, after much deliberation, dramatically add some (very expensive) pieces to their roster puzzles.

The event brought up this fun exercise: which Cal athletes would make for a killer starting five on the hardwood? The only rules are that basketball players don’t count, and that each person has to be from a different sport.

Without further adieu, here’s my All-Cal starting five:

C: Cameron Jordan — A defensive end with both the strength to blow by linemen and the nimble feet to chase down running backs? That’s the recipe for a nightmare match-up down low. Also, his throwback hi-top fade is a must on the court.

F: Mike Morrison — At its core, basketball requires running, jumping and some throwing. So why not pick up the college athlete who did those things better than anybody as the NCAA decathlon champion?  A common sense selection.

F: Blaine Scully — I have no idea how rugby prowess transfers onto the basketball court (if it does at all). What I do know is that Jack Clark’s co-captain is a shoe-in for my team. A 6-foot-3, 210-pound frame doesn’t hurt, either; just don’t plan on challenging him for loose balls and steer clear of his screens.

G: Jamia Reid — The Cal softball team’s all-time base stealer will bring her trademark quickness to the defensive end. Take care of the ball, or Reid will be at the other basket for a lay-up.

G: Carli Lloyd — Expect the Bears’ star setter to toss up countless alley-oops, while also getting her fair share of tip-ins around the rim. Add to that Lloyd’s unrivaled competitiveness, and this pick is an absolute no-brainer.

Image Source: mvongrue under Creative Commons