Tom Hanks says Toy Story 4 is coming

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You heard it straight from the mouth of Sheriff Woody himself, people. In a recent interview with BBC’s Tim Muffett, Tom Hanks mentioned that “Toy Story 4” will be made, and that “they’re working on it now.” The interview can be seen here around the 2:40 mark.

Does this seem right? The third Toy Story’s heartwarming ending with Andy leaving the toys for good, and them (SPOILER ALERT) finding a new home with Bonnie (END SPOILER) felt like a proper way for the movie to go out. However, this ending also left the franchise with a possibility of  a new beginning. The money would be a huge influence in making a fourth Toy Story, but would it come off as just some hackneyed, loosely strung together film much like the 4th Shrek movie?

Leaving the series as a trilogy would probably be best, allowing the beloved series to keep its integrity. But who knows, maybe Pixar has enough creative juices flowing through them to crank out a decent addition to the Toy Story franchise. Regardless of whether Hanks’ statement is valid, let’s just hope Pixar makes the right decision and not let this series go to infinity and beyond the realm of entertainment.