UC Press to partner with business school to publish journal

University of California Press announced Monday that it will partner with the Haas School of Business to publish the school’s peer-reviewed journal as part of an effort by UC Berkeley to consolidate campus operations to save money.

Beginning this November, UC Press will publish the California Management Review, the business school’s 53-year-old journal. The newly created partnership comes as  part of the Operational Excellence initiative, which implements cost-cutting measures in campus offices, services and programs to create savings for the campus.

UC Press will now handle all business operations of the journal, which includes articles written by scholars worldwide about topics such as business management, according to Kora Cypress, managing editor for the journal.

She added in an email that this will allow the journal staff to focus its efforts on improving editorial quality and developing the journal’s brand.

“It will improve the focus of (California Management Review) operations by having its business activities like marketing, sales, distribution, production run through UC Press,” Cypress said in the email. “UC Press will benefit from this partnership by increasing its revenue and adding CMR to their existing portfolio of publications.”

The change comes as part of the campus’s controversial Operational Excellence initiative, which aims to save $75 million annually through actions including administrative efficiencies and consolidations. Past efforts by the initiative have included the consolidation of staff in departments such as gender and women’s studies, African American studies and ethnic studies last semester.

According to Cypress, the transition is going smoothly, which she said can be attributed in part to the fact that both UC Press and the journal’s operations have recently been relocated to the same building, something she said “facilitates close cooperation and coordination.”

“This partnership is consistent with the goals of Operational Excellence — it promotes the more efficient use of university resources by having them shared among units,” she said in the  email. “It lowers costs while allowing both CMR and UC Press to effectively develop their brands in ways that are competitive with other, similar institutions.”

However, Christine Rosen, an associate professor at the business school and co-chair of the Berkeley Faculty Association, said the change is one of a number of proposals under the Operational Excellence initiative that “requires data to see if it will actually save money.”

“It’s a great idea — but these are some of the business aspects of the (Operational Excellence), and I hope it works,” she said.

Though the journal will experience administrative changes through UC Press, it will continue to produce articles written by scholars about strategy, organization, business and public policy, according to a press release from the business school.

Gundars Strads, the journal’s senior editor, has worked at the publication for 28 years and said that while the journal has a small staff, it is still able to cover a broad range of topics.

“It’s a small organization with four people, and we wear a lot of hats,” Strads said. “We publish material from across the spectrum — there are articles written by scholars, academics, CEOs, business executives, so it’s not just academics but practitioner-oriented … Now we get to hand the hats off to UC Press.”