British vs. American Grammar

Hello there! I have just landed back in the States after studying in London this summer.  While there, I took a particular interest in the differences between British and American grammar. Here are some I encountered:











– Baggage REclaim? In America it’s simply baggage claim.  Although both versions work, the British version seems to be technically correct, as one had previously owned his or her baggage rather than claiming it for the first time.








-I found this “yoghurt” at a Starbucks on the top floor of a fashion store (clearly they take their shopping seriously there). This extra H seems slightly unnecessary because it is silent.








-At the Imperial War Museum, I couldn’t help to notice this spelling of “organisations.” This use of S rather than Z is not uncommon in British grammar.








-And last, the British have some grammatical errors of their own. Notice in this sign, the errors in “full,” “your here” and lack of proper punctuation and capitalization. This is also an instance of the common “ou” rather than simply “o,” as exemplified in “favourites.”


For more on differences between British and American grammar, see

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