AC Transit conducts public survey to look for new general manager

In an attempt to involve the public more in its decision-making, AC Transit is conducting a public survey as part of its ongoing search for a new general manager.

The survey, which will be available online until Sept. 9, is designed to help the AC Transit Board of Directors recruit a new general manager to fill the position by the beginning of 2012. AC Transit has had an interim general manager since former general manager Rick Fernandez resigned in 2009 after serving the company for a decade.

“We interact with all 1.4 million people we serve, so we think it’s pretty important both in terms of transparency and to see what they are interested in terms of a general manager, said Chris Peeples, AC Transit director at large.

Though many public agencies conduct surveys when higher management positions need to be filled, this is the first time AC Transit has used a survey to gain input on finding a new general manager, he added.

“In the last set of service changes we made, those were done with extensive surveys and public meetings,” Peeples said. “For the general manager, we’re going to have some public meetings and when we get it down to two or three people, the public will get the chance to hear them talk and answer questions.

According to AC Transit spokesperson Clarence Johnson, a Sept. 7 board meeting will be held to give the public the opportunity to voice their opinions regarding the characteristics and qualities of an ideal general manager.