Fall Orientation Editors’ Note

This year, things are turning around in more ways than one.

The Cal Bears will be playing at a smaller, more inconvenient location as the renovations to  Memorial Stadium continue to progress. State funding cuts to the

University of California currently total $650 million for this year, with more potentially on the way. As UC Berkeley continues to absorb these cuts, our own Operational Excellence initiative, aimed at  cutting costs and streamlining efficiencies, is beginning the process of implementing its proposals. And the list goes on.

Clearly, we now find ourselves in a critical moment. Exactly what the future holds remains  uncertain, and though that may give us plenty of reason for apprehension, it also gives us a unique opportunity to prove ourselves and carry forward in confidence.

Now, more than ever, it is important that we find creative solutions to the challenges that face us. When faced with uncertainty at a crossroads in life, we must always remember that there is only ever one direction in which to move: forward.

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