ASUC Store Operations Board holds retreat to tackle issues

The ASUC Store Operations Board discussed the possibility of a new charter and reviewed the financial statuses of businesses under its jurisdiction at last weekend’s retreat.

Although no official board decisions were made, attendees did briefly discuss the decision to postpone rechartering. A decision to recharter would have involved adopting a version of UCLA’s operation board’s system, which includes more students on the board, set times for meetings and “more substantial work,” former ASUC President Noah Stern said at a March 9 ASUC Senate meeting.

Bahar Navab, campus Graduate Assembly president and chair of the rechartering committee, said in an email that the board was considering the notion of rechartering because it does not follow its current charter in certain cases such as enforcing inner committee meetings.

“This has a big impact on how productive our meetings can be as most of the analyses and strategizing should be happening in those committees,” she said in the email.

However, before it decides whether to recharter, the board plans to follow the current charter more closely  for a year to see how effectively and efficiently it will serve the board, Navab said in the email. It will then reconsider the possibility of rechartering in one year if the current charter does not prove effective.

In addition to the issue of rechartering, board members at the retreat also discussed issues facing some ASUC assets, such as the continued deficit of the Cal Lodge near Lake Tahoe.

Between the years of 2008 and 2011, Cal Lodge endured a net loss of $125,881, according to a document presented by Associate ASUC Auxiliary Director Tom Spivey at the retreat. The lodge has suffered from high maintenance costs and a lack of use by students.

Jeff Deutsch, director of the Cal Student Store said that offers from outside merchants have resulted in lost revenue for the student store. A free download  of the Adobe Creative Suite program presented at Caltopia to campus faculty, staff and students will cost the bookstore about $33,000 in lost sales.

The next official board meeting of the school year is scheduled for Sept. 23, according to Ryan Landis, chair of the board.