UC Berkeley lawyer sworn in to California Supreme Court

UC Berkeley law professor Goodwin Liu was sworn in to the Supreme Court of California today at a ceremony on the State Capitol, after having been confirmed at a hearing yesterday.

Liu received unanimous confirmation from a three-member panel at a hearing in San Francisco yesterday in front of the Commission on Judicial Appointments, where colleagues from the UC Berkeley School of Law, as well as members of the business and legal community, spoke about his dedication to the legal profession, his loyalty to his students, his attention to details and his belief in justice for everyone.

Liu had been previously nominated  to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals by President Barack Obama in February 2010 but was ultimately not confirmed. Republicans filibustered the appointment — citing concerns about his liberal read of the Constitution and left-leaning opinions on issues such as gay marriage and abortion — until he withdrew as a candidate.

But despite the controversy surrounding his past nomination, no one at the state hearing testified against him, and his appointment to the California Supreme Court — making him the fourth Asian American to currently sit on the court — gives the court its first Asian American majority.