UC Berkeley included in Pixar’s research for “Monsters University”

Look out world, the monsters are back! With the release of the much anticipated “Monsters Inc.” prequel, “Monsters University,” lurking around the corner after years of development, fans have been curious as to what some of the concept art will look like. Berkeley students and residents will be proud to know that Pixar decided to stay local when researching colleges to model their monstrous university. At Disney’s recent D23 Expo, /Film reports, it was announced that in addition to researching east coast schools such as Harvard and MIT, Pixar also modeled the monster university after Cal.

Being that Pixar is based in Emeryville (about four miles from campus!), it makes sense that they would want to incorporate UC Berkeley into their college monster movie. Although the fictional university may wind up with a more Northeastern vibe, it’s still satisfying to know that Cal acted as a model for the scare school. What aspects of Cal do you think will make it in to the film?

Image credit: http://firstshowing.net