Students to present postcards in support of DREAM Act to governor

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SEPTEMBER 12, 2011

UC student leaders will team today with students from CSUs and community colleges to present Gov. Jerry Brown’s staff 11,309 postcards urging him to sign the second part of the California DREAM Act into law.

In addition to the presentation of the postcards, UC Student Association President Claudia Magana, Assemblymember Gil Cedillo staff member Luis Quinonez and other students will speak in support of the act — also known as AB 131, it would give AB 540-eligible students access to state financial aid — at the event Monday in Sacramento.

Brown has until Oct. 9 to sign the bill, according to Brown spokesperson Evan Westrup.

Cedillo — author of both parts of the California DREAM Act — had originally planned to attend the event but told event organizers Wednesday night he has a “commitment conflict in his district” and would send a representative in his stead, said Darius Kemp, UCSA communications and organization director.

In a press release, Magana applauded the dedication from supporters that led to today’s presentation.

“This press conference is a culmination of over seven years of hard work by UC Students, Labor, DREAM Activists and Californians who believe in giving qualified AB 540 students the ability to access institutional and state based funding for which they have been paying into for years,” she said in the release.

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