Campus spends $150,000 in salary increases

UC Berkeley doled out almost $150,000 in salary increases to campus deans and a senior administrator while cutting another dean position’s salary, according to reports sent late last month to the UC Board of Regents.

The raises — paid to the deans of arts and humanities for the College of Letters and Science, the School of Optometry and the campus associate vice chancellor for university relations — total $149,700 for the current academic year,according to Bi-monthly Transaction Monitoring reports submitted to the board.

G. Steven Martin, interim dean of biological sciences in the College of Letters and Science, was approved for a salary of $239,700 — $19,400 less than the previous dean’s salary, according to the report.

The reports contain compensation actions approved by campus chancellors and other authorized personnel.

To retain Associate Vice Chancellor for University Relations David Blinder, UC Berkeley offered him a $40,000 raise, according to a Regents Bi-monthly Transaction Monitoring Report.

The UC Berkeley campus cited competition from sister UC campus Irvine as a major factor in favor of the salary adjustment, stating in the report that he was “being recruited aggressively by the Irvine campus for the position of Vice Chancellor of University Relations. The campus offered him over $300,000 in base salary.”

The UC Berkeley campus said in the report that Blinder is a necessary asset for the campus.

“As UC Berkeley comes to rely more on private support, professional development leaders like Mr. Blinder are critical to the campus ability to maximize their philanthropy,” commented the campus in the report.

Raises were also offered to Anthony Cascardi, dean of arts and humanities for the College of Letters and Science, and Dennis Levi, dean of the School of Optometry.

Both Cascardi’s and Levi’s new salaries exceed the Association of American Universities Publics’ average salaries for comparable positions by $39,929 and $28,191, respectively. According to the July Bi-monthly Transaction Report, Levi’s salary adjustment “was required in order to retain Dr. Levi as Dean.”