Daily Cal now has more than 4,000 Twitter followers

As of today, our main Twitter account (@dailycal) has more than 4,000 followers, signaling progress in our push into the digital age.

In August, we were the only college newspaper to jump more than one place in the top 25 rankings of number of twitter followers, according to data compiled by blogger Brian Smith.

Our Twitter has grown significantly in recent years. We had about 1,000 followers at the start of 2010, when we began tweeting regularly, and rocketed to 1,400 by April 2010. We passed the 3,000 mark in April of this year.

We recreated the online managing editor position this August in order to give more focused attention to our social media accounts and online presence. Javier Panzar, our former summer news editor and one of our higher education experts, filled the position and has since done wonders issuing interesting tweets and statuses and engaging better with readers.

But with about 35,000 UC Berkeley students and 112,000 Berkeley residents, there is much room to improve. Our goal is to utilize social media to better serve you. So we’d like to hear from you what we can do to improve our social media use and better provide you information. Let us know by emailing [email protected] or by commenting at the bottom of this post.

Tomer Ovadia is the editor in chief and president.

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