Rasputin Music expands, taking over Galaxxi

Rasputin Music will soon be taking over Galaxxi’s former location on Telegraph, expanding their grand record store even further. Those passing by can see shelves and racks full of CDs and other items that will one day populate Rasputin’s new extension.

When asked about the plans for the expansion, Rasputin employees said that it could act as a place to store more music or even books, although nothing has been confirmed yet. With the expansion could possibly come more space for in-store shows or space for a local music only section. The local music scene would definitely benefit from a section like that. A bigger performance space would be fun too, since watching acts play above on the upper level can be annoying with the rails in the way.

The move-in will be officially released to the public within the next few weeks or so, not allowing much time for speculation on what the expansion will hold. What do you think this expansion should be used for?

Image source: http://theobelisk.net