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Regents approve raises for UC medical executives

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SEPTEMBER 16, 2011

On Thursday the UC Regents Committee on Compensation approved compensations and salary adjustments for several high-level UC employees, including Ann Madden Rice, CEO of UC Davis Medical Center and Claire Pomeroy, vice chancellor for human health sciences at UC Davis.

According to a report from the Committee on Compensation, Rice’s raise of nearly $259,000 was in response to a recent recruitment effort by another competing academic medical center. The raise brings her total compensation to $960,000 a year but is contingent upon Rice withdrawing her application from the other hospital.

Pomeroy, who also serves as dean of the School of Medicine at UC Davis Medical Center, was given a raise of nearly $27,000, bringing her compensation to $664,275. An increase of federal funding through three major grants, as well as a rise in the UC Davis School of Medicine’s ranking to 37th in a field of 134 medical schools, served as justification for her raise, according to the report.

Funding for Rice’s and Pomeroy’s raises comes from hospital fees, not the state general fund.

The committee further approved compensation for medical executives at UC Irvine, UCLA, UC San Francisco and managers of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Also approved were bonuses for Marie Berggren, chief investment officer for the University of California and Jack Stobo, senior vice president for health sciences and services at the University of California, both of which will not be paid for using public funds.

The only salary approved by the committee that will be funded by the state government was the appointment of UC Berkeley professor Barbara Allen-Diaz to the position of UC vice president of agriculture and natural resources.

name Incentive Compensation or Salary Adjustment Base salary Base salary with compensation or adjustment Net change Funding source
Claire Pomeroy compensation $468,800 $584,300 $195,475 Non-state-funded
Ann Madden Rice adjustment $584,300 $800,000 $215,700 Non-state-funded
John A. Heydt adjustment $104,300 $456,500 $524,975 Non-state-funded
Katharine “Posie” Carpenter adjustment $266,805 $325,000 $5,8195 Non-state-funded
Heidi Crooks adjustment $266,800 $325,000 $58,200 Non-state-funded
Sheila Antrum adjustment $250,000 $319,000 $69,000 Non-state-funded
Horst Simon adjustment $334,992 $338,342 $3,350 U.S. Department of Energy
James Krupnick adjustment $326,364 $329,628 $3,264 U.S. Department of Energy
Jeffrey Fernandez adjustment $284,892 $287,741 $2,849 U.S. Department of Energy
Jeffrey Blair adjustment $357,996 $361,576 $3,580 U.S. Department of Energy
Jay Keasling adjustment $357,996 $361,576 $3,580 U.S. Department of Energy
Donald DePaolo adjustment $333996 $339023 $5,027 U.S. Department of Energy
James Siegrist adjustment $290,664 $293,571 $2,907 U.S. Department of Energy
Katherine Yelick adjustment $273,996 $278,120 $4,124 U.S. Department of Energy
Marie Berggren compensation $470,000 $121,4950 $744,950 Non-state-funded
Jack Stobo compensation $580,000 $696,000 $130,500 Non-state-funded
A. Paul Alivisatos adjustment $430,500 $434,805 U.S. Department of Energy
Barbara Allen-Diaz compensation $280,000 Fully state-funded

Source: UC Board of Regents’ meeting agenda items

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SEPTEMBER 19, 2011