UC Berkeley professor appointed to systemwide position

A UC Berkeley professor is set to become the systemwide vice president for agriculture and natural resources after her appointment was approved Sept. 15 by the UC Board of Regents.

Barbara Allen-Diaz, a professor in the campus’ college of natural resources, will become the first woman to hold that position. She will assume the position on Oct. 1 and will hold the post for a three-year term.

“We’ve worked together in the past and she’s a very talented, very bright, and distinguished member of the faculty,” Daniel Dooley, the outgoing systemwide vice president for agriculture and natural resources said of Allen-Diaz.

Allen-Diaz currently serves as the systemwide associate vice president for academic programs and strategic initiatives for agriculture and natural resources. In this position, she is responsible for guiding all academic programs at the systemwide level.

Her new salary will be $280,000, plus standard senior management.

As vice president, Allen-Diaz’s responsibilities will include providing overall direction to the systemwide division of agriculture and natural resources and serving as the director of the UC Agricultural Experiment Station and the UC Cooperative Extension.

Part of the vice president’s duties also include finding funding from outside the UC system, a task of ever-increasing importance due to state budget cuts to the university.

Diaz received all of her degrees from UC Berkeley —a B.A. in anthropology, M.S. in range management, and Ph.D. in wildland resource sciences. She has also been a faculty member in the UC Berkeley College of Natural Resources for over twenty years. She received tenure in 1986.

In 2005, Allen-Diaz was named the first Russell Rustici Chair in Rangeland Management at UC Berkeley’s College of Natural Resources.



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