City council to reconvene tonight after summer recess

Tonight marks the end of the Berkeley City Council’s summer recess — at its first meeting since July, the council will discuss work the city has done since then as well as preview legislation to be discussed over the coming weeks.

Items on the council’s consent calendar — which council members will either vote to move to the action calendar or approve as a group — include adopting a resolution to appoint Andrew Clough as the new director of Public Works, amending various city contracts, asking the city manager to write a letter to AT&T to comply with the city’s opt-out-of phone-book delivery program and adopting a resolution to support a campaign to reduce military spending to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and reduce the military budget by raising pressure on Congress from local governments, among other items.

The council’s action calendar lists both old and new business, including an ordinance to allow taxi permits to be transferred to other operators and discussion of a policy for the charging of electric vehicles — an item that includes recommendations from the city’s Energy, Public Works and Transportation commissions.

Prior to the regular council meeting, the council will hold a work session at 5:30 p.m. to discuss and hear public input regarding the development of the Safeway shopping center located on College and Claremont avenues near the Oakland-Berkeley border. The project is subject to the approval of the city of Oakland.

Sarah Mohamed is the lead city government reporter.