Despite plans, no protest Friday morning outside Tolman

Despite plans to continue Thursday’s protest at Tolman Hall at 10 a.m., there was no demonstration Friday morning as of 1 p.m.

About five people, some of whom had participated in Thursday’s Day of Action, stood under a tree near Tolman during the morning discussing the protest and methods of resistance, but dispersed by the early afternoon. Various local news media set up vans in front of Tolman, anticipating a possible continuation of the protest.

Besides a UCPD officer on a bicycle who dropped by Tolman occasionally between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m., there was no police presence outside the building.

“We are keeping an eye on the area,” said officer Sean Aranas. “Who knows what is going to happen?”

When asked if he thought there would be further protests today, Aranas said “I don’t think so.”

One window on the outside of the lobby that had been broken when protesters scuffled with police last night was boarded up. Banners the protesters had hung from the second floor yesterday had been taken down, and it was business as usual for students and staff who walked in and out of Tolman throughout the morning.