Judicial Council, Attorney General nominees receive ASUC Senate confirmation

The ASUC Senate confirmed nominees for the Judicial Council and the Attorney General at their meeting Wednesday night, among other actions.

The senate voted unanimously to confirm graduate students Abraham Escareno and Scott Lara and undergraduates Ryan Mattison, Emrin Dhatt and Suneeta Israni to serve on the Judicial Council.

“I completely believe the skills and experiences of these individuals will make them the perfect Judicial Council members,” said SQUELCH! Senator Noah Ickowitz in an email. “Specifically, their devotion to remaining unbiased was a key factor in selecting these students.“

Each appointee will begin their term in the Judicial Council immediately, with the exception of Israni who will begin her term after current Judicial Council member Adam Schlesinger’s term expires Nov. 11.

Immediately after the confirmations of the Judicial Council nominees, the senate also unanimously confirmed Deepti Rajendran, a fourth year electrical engineering and computer science major, to the position of Attorney General.

In addition, fourth year Chris Lin, third year Nicholas Gonzalez and fourth year James Kealohi were unanimously confirmed to the posts of commissioner on diversity affairs, fundraising director and Greek affairs officer respectively.

The entire appointment process went quickly with little discussion or questioning of appointees.

CalSERVE Senator Andrew Albright said these confirmations lacked the controversy of previous years.

“I think that a lot of appointments that have generally been contentious haven’t been this year because the dynamic in the Senate is so different,” Albright said in an email. “There seems to be an unspoken agreement that we will take care of all, or most, business off the Senate floor, either in committee or informal conversation, which makes things in Senate run smoothly and adds to the overall efficiency of the ASUC.”

Ultimately, Albright said the developments are a positive change for the senate and said he hoped to see continued cooperation and harmony for future discussions over potentially contentious issues.

In light of the Berkeley College Republicans’ “Increase Diversity Bake Sale,” the senate passed a bill at an emergency meeting Sunday urging respectful conduct from student groups. The bake sale was highly controversial because of its price structure, which varied the cost of a baked good according to the consumer’s race and sex, though that was not enforced at the sale on Tuesday.

In the bill, the senate said any possible defunding of the group  — which ASUC President Vishalli Loomba said was a possibility last week — was  under the jurisdiction of the council.

Though Wednesday’s confirmations make defunding possible, Albright said in the email that the senate would not pursue such actions because they “believe it is not (their) role.”