VIDEO: On a magic carpet ride

Last week, I wrote an article inspired by my sudden nostalgia for car sex. Besides motor vehicles, I was curious to know where else people would like to get it on. I asked this question in between classes on campus, while waiting for the bus in San Francisco, in coffee shops and to babes walking around Berkeley.  Basically, the question was asked whenever I thought about sex. Which is most of the time.

I was impressed by all the creative answers!  If you could have sex anywhere right now, where would it be?

In the video: Molly Martin, SFSU English major; Steve Frank, SFSU student; Sam Weiss, Lead Barista at Tully’s Coffee; Jaime Gochez, UC Berkeley student; Angel Diaz, Berkeley Law student; Sarah Crew, UC Berkeley linguistics major; Marco Gutierrez, UC Berkeley mechanical engineering major; Blake Owens, UC Berkeley intended business administration; Serra Naiman SFSU theater major.

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