UCPD releases annual campus safety report and statistics

UCPD has released its 2010 UC Berkeley Annual Campus Security report, UCPD announced Tuesday.

In addition to safety information and guidelines, the report provides crime statistics from the past three years in compliance with the Clery Act — federal legislation that requires all universities that participate in federal student aid programs to provide annual crime statistics and a daily crime log to their campus communities.

According to the UCPD’s Safety Counts web site, the act aims to “provide students, families, and employees with accurate, complete, and timely information about campus safety so that they can make informed decisions.”

The statistics in the report are divided into five categories, which include public, noncampus, the UC Washington Center and campus — which also includes a housing sub-category  —  as well as a fifth category that combines the prior areas with crime statistics from the area surrounding the campus, termed “the box.”

In all, the public, campus and noncampus categories cover crimes occurring inside the campus, campus-owned buildings, public property in or adjacent to and accessible from the campus, fraternities, sororities, cooperatives, residence halls or university-owned housing, University Village in Albany and the UC Office of the President and UC Berkeley Extension campuses.

The “box” collects its statistics from the area between Virginia Avenue to the north and Dwight Way to the south and Shattuck Avenue on the west. The eastern border of the box runs into the campus domain around the Strawberry Canyon area and just past Derby Street to the southeast.

According to statistics from “the box,” robberies in the community have increased from 56 in 2008 to 78 in 2009 and again to 94 in 2010. Motor vehicle theft, on the other hand, decreased from 91 in 2009 to 78 in 2010.

The statistics also indicate a dramatic increase in drug law violations, from 152 incidents in 2009 to 232 in 2010. Contrastingly, they show a somewhat dramatic decrease in liquor law violations over the three-year span, reporting 458 in 2008, 288 in 2009 and 205 in 2010.

The report also indicates a significant rise in hate crimes between 2009 and 2010, from 6 in 2009 to 22 in 2010.

In a campus-wide email sent Tuesday, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Harry Le Grande suggested all students and employees use the annual safety report to “familiarize themselves with this important information about how they can stay safe on campus.”


Sarah Burns is the lead crime reporter.