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Community members plan Occupy Berkeley protest at Bank of America

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OCTOBER 03, 2011

UC Berkeley students and community members are planning a protest related to the Occupy Wall Street movement to take place Oct. 15 outside the Bank of America on Shattuck Avenue and Center Street.

Occupy Berkeley, is “connected in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street,” and organized by a largely anonymous group — which includes at least two UC Berkeley students, according to John Holzinger, a junior-transfer involved in organizing the event.

Both Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Berkeley aim to support “people who feel wronged by the corporate forces of the world,” and believe “that no true democracy is attainable when the process is determined by economic power,” according to the Wall Street protest’s demands, which Occupy Berkeley has posted on its Facebook page.

“We have the same demands, we’re all fighting for the same thing,” Holzinger said.

A general meeting will be held Oct. 8 before the occupation to “organize logistics” for those who join, with a focus on planning how to allow protesters to remain at the occupation for as long as possible, according to Holzinger.

Occupy Berkeley intends to use similar tactics as Occupy Wall Street in hopes of achieving their goals. Holzinger said that after beginning their protest on Oct. 15, “We’re going to stay, sleep there, we’re going to occupy the area.”

He provided no potential end date for the protest.

While Occupy Berkeley is planned outside Bank of America, the decision for the location of the occupation was not based on the bank’s announcement Thursday to begin charging customers a $5 fee for debit card usage in 2012. But the protest will include a “call for all people who have money at Bank of America to withdraw their money,” Holzinger added.

Also in line with Occupy Wall Street, the Berkeley protest is expected to be non-violent and is planned to be kept peaceful.

“We don’t want any violence whatsoever,” Holzinger said.

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OCTOBER 03, 2011