Flash mob protests potential fee increases

Tony Zhou/Staff
One of the protestors stands outside of Dwinelle Hall, holding signs.

About ten students gathered outside of Dwinelle Hall at noon Wednesday for a flash mob to bring awareness to the possible 81 percent fee increase of UC tuition over the next four years.

The student organizers drew chalk circles on the floor outside the building to represent the “prison” students will feel locked in once they have taken out thousands of dollars of loans to pay for tuition, according to organizer and UC Berkeley junior Desiree Angelo.

“An 81% increase equals a lifetime of debt,” she said.The student organizers came prepared with a bundle of cardboard signs to hand out to passersby that read “DEBT,” “We See You Regents” and “81%.”

Ricardo Gomez, a fifth year student and member of the Public Education Coalition said the flash mob is an easy way to get people involved that is not just tabling of flyering on Sproul Plaza, in addition to raising awareness for the Oct. 27 rally to be held on Sproul.

While the event was advertised as a flash mob, it avoided the singing, dancing and glittery costumes that typically come with the categorization.

“There aren’t too many people here,” said freshman Michelle Abiera. “But, I’m not too informed about the cuts and seeing signs that say things like 81 percent at least taught me something I didn’t know before.”