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UCPD grabs grenade found in Greenbrae ground

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OCTOBER 06, 2011

UCPD’s bomb squad was called into Greenbrae — a small community in Marin County — after a hand grenade was found in a residential neighborhood Monday.

At around 4 p.m., the Twin Cities Police Authority called UCPD after a landscaper discovered the device protruding out of the ground while working in a residential area of the community, according to UCPD Lt. Alex Yao. Greenbrae is located a few miles south of San Rafael and roughly 17 miles northeast of Berkeley.

According to Twin Cities Police Authority Sgt. Theo Mainaris, while it is not legal to privately own this kind of grenade, the specific device was not capable of being detonated.

“It was an original grenade casing but there was nothing attached to it,” he said.

According to Yao, the Authority did not know whether the device was explosive because it was only partially showing out of the ground. UCPD’s team determined that the device was a military-grade pineapple grenade.

“Our role in that particular instance is to provide explosive or disposal services,” Yao said.

Mainaris said no one has claimed ownership of the grenade, and added that the department rarely sees grenades.

This is not the first time the UCPD bomb squad has assisted nearby agencies with explosives.

Most recently, the squad was called into Novato in September after an officer found a four-foot rocket launcher in the back of a car being driven by an unlicensed teenager at a routine traffic stop.  They were also called in to San Rafael in April to detonate two World War I grenades passed down as souvenirs.

Sarah Burns is the lead crime reporter.

OCTOBER 06, 2011