Bears had HOW many turnovers? #sad #typiCAL

So Thursday night, on ESPN, the Cal football team lost to the USC football team. This is not an unusual occurrence, seeing as how the USC football team has now come out victorious in such instances an astounding eight years in a row. That’s two full presidential terms, or the entire life of a third grader.

What was somewhat unique was the sheer extent to which the Bears shot themselves in the foot. They entered AT&T Park having committed only four turnovers; they left it with nine on the season. Naturally, some very proud blue and gold alums were dumbfounded as they watched the game unfold, and took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

Cheers, fellas. (Every player included was taken in the 2011 NFL Draft except for Brian Holley, a fullback who played his last Cal season in 2009. He is not in the NFL.)