Delaying judgment

BAY AREA AFFAIRS: BART’s idea to extend service Friday and delay trains Saturday would benefit students but could have bad effects.

With BART considering a plan to extend Friday night hours and delay services on Saturday, we are excited about the implications for students, but we acknowledge that the plan could present setbacks.

Students inevitably wonder how they will return home when traveling across the Bay, and BART train schedules can often be a limiting factor. The extension of hours on Fridays, even by the proposed 30 minutes, would be beneficial.

Still, we recognize that such extensions could adversely affect some riders. In May, BART surveyed riders and found that a previous proposal to extend Friday service and delay trains Saturday by an hour on either end would negatively impact low-income and minority commuters. The new plan would delay Saturday start times by 20 minutes and would provide buses to mitigate inconveniences created by the delay.

We are glad that BART officials are considering the needs of their riders by conducting another set of rider surveys and by proposing the use of buses to offset the delays.

If these surveys still reveal a negative impact, we would understand if BART does not pursue the plan. The need for some to get to work greatly outweighs students’ desire to party around the Bay.