A never-ending Halloween

Halloween is around the corner, and I have been brainstorming for costume ideas. I always tell myself that I am going to put together an awesome outfit, but most years I end up getting a pair of cat ears, wearing something black and calling it a night.

This is such a monumental holiday because it is the one time of the year where taboos no longer exist. For once, people are saved judgment for their outrageous behaviors and are instead rewarded with sweets. Perversity and debauchery are standard. Everything is accepted because we are not actually ourselves on Halloween. We wear fantastical disguises and take on fictional roles — just for this one night.

Consider staying in as an option this year. Realize the full potential of the costume you have chosen, embrace that role and take advantage of this mystical night with someone who is more than happy to participate in your fantasy. Take the night to play out your most decadent wishes and express your most iniquitous desires. I guarantee this will be more fun than any lame house party or club event you were planning on going to.

Dress up as a vampire. Maybe I’ve been watching too much “True Blood,” but there’s something about having sex with the ultimate deviant that is so alluring. The draw must have to do with the proximity to immortality as well as the intoxicating ties to oral sex that the vampire’s bite signifies.

When sinking your teeth into your partner’s neck — a highly erogenous zone, I warn you — penetrate the flesh as if you are doing so to live. Let your primal desires explode as your nails dig into his or her back. Everything will be so overwhelmingly pleasurable that the “victim” will forget whether he or she wants to die or to live or to just keep having sex.

Or perhaps dress up as an escort and businessman or woman. Do it like you’re getting paid $2,500 an hour — enjoy it like you paid for every penny.
Turn your Halloween house party in to a mythological Roman sex soiree. Bring wine and plates of succulent delicacies, and indulge in all of your bodily desires. Pure indulgence and extravagance is key here.

Take a communal bath in honeyed wine while engaging in stimulating conversations. Nibble on some grapes while creating a pornographic painting. Make sure someone is naked somewhere, strumming a string instrument. Channel our predecessors’ rather progressive grasp of open sexuality — touch, kiss and lick everyone and everything that feels sensual to you.

You can be Bacchus, I can be Venus, she can be Aurora and he can be Vulcan.

If not that, then let your animal instincts lead the way. Bring a whole new meaning to doggy-style and take on canine mannerisms by crawling on all fours and substituting your moans with barks. “Training” may need to take place.

If you’re more of a cat person, sunbathe all day while you stroke each other teasingly. Be playful like a kitten. If you’re feeling equestrian, accessorize with leather saddle straps, horse masks and whips and take control of the ride.

To end the night, simulate a murder. Which role will you play? The victim or the killer? For the lucky ladies, if the last week of October happens to be that time of the month for you, this makes for a perfect scenario. Be prepared to buy new sheets. It’s called crime scene sex for a reason.

It is ironic that we need a night to not be ourselves to realize our most intimate and personal desires. The truth is, masks are worn every day in society. You are constantly role-playing in one way or another, whether it is through the mascara that you apply in the morning, the beard that you meticulously trim, the band T-shirt that you chose to wear today or the career goals that drive your motivation and get you through the week. We spend our entire lives manifesting a socially acceptable identity. And under this carefully sculpted veneer, we are still a mess of suppressed desires.

Halloween is so thrilling because we can finally shed this exterior. We get to let go of the heavy moral baggage that we have accumulated throughout our lives. But after the night of drunken revelry passes and we take off the grim reaper costume or the zombie schoolgirl outfit, we will wake up on Nov. 1 to construct yet another mask.

The great thing about sex, though, is that every night can be Halloween. Behind closed doors, you can keep challenging the muddled layers of your identity and continue exploring various sexual storylines. Take on as many altered states as possible, make sure to reverse roles frequently and pay attention to which mood or choice of words arouses you most and why.

Even after Halloween ends, keep exploring the bizarre and unusual scenarios that make you curl your toes and scream.