Photographer Spotlight: Andrew Kuo, Day 1

Courtesy/Veronica Chou

Hello. My name is Andrew Kuo, I’m a third year mechanical engineering major, and this week I have the honor of writing for this photo blog. I hope you find my posts interesting and insightful.

I started shooting pictures when I was in elementary school through an old Kodak 2 MP digital camera with a 32 MB compact flash card, moving onto a 4 MP Canon Powershot S410. From then, I’ve used a Nikon D40, a Canon T1i, Olympus E-P1, an currently a Canon 5D Mark 1. I also currently shoot with my father’s Nikon FE2 and an Olympus XA2 and Olympus Stylus Epic occasionally as well.

Also, I’m from the East Bay, specifically the projects – P-town – Pleasanton, CA. As one of the most bougie cities in the 925, most of my pictures are from my travels because there isn’t much to look at back home. My love for photography has always had an intimate connection with the places I’ve gone to and the things I’ve had the great opportunity to see – this amazing planet – with all of its colors, shapes, and vistas. However, recently my passion has been shifted towards capturing and redefining true beauty. As I go forth into the future – I strive to discover and photography beauty that is against the grain. Tired of seeing pictures of women on flickr getting the most views (what’s up with that?), I aim to photograph beauty that goes beyond skin-deep. I feel like that’s too easy, and there’s got to be more.

As this week unfolds, I’m not sure if my portfolio can match up to that high ideal just yet, but what I will be aiming to do is to show you some of my work throughout my years with different cameras – just to give you a sense that you don’t need a fancy DSLR to take good pictures. Good photographers take good pictures, not good cameras. If you’re curious, here’s my flickr.[email protected]. Enjoy!


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