Free condoms on Upper Sproul!

Kia Kokalitcheva/Staff

Ok, for those of you who actually know me, you already know how excited I get when free condoms are being conveniently given out. This girl has yet to spend money on condoms — and let’s keep it that way. So of course I decided to come back to Upper Sproul on Wednesday, “Self-care and self-pleasure day” (part of Mind and Body Awareness Week), for some more condoms and to talk to the SHEP folks (so glad I noticed them tabling on Tuesday and inquired as to when they would be back).

As most people passing by probably noticed, there were three dudes dressed in interesting costumes that frankly you couldn’t pay me to wear (but props to them for doing it). Yep, a penis, tube of lube and a condom. Fortunately, they were all really nice and gave me the low-down: all enrolled in the sexuality DeCal, none mind the gig at all and all are pretty much taking the class to get more education on the topic — although that answer seemed a little improvised, if you know what I mean. Nevertheless, they let me take a group picture of them, and deferred me back to the table for further questions.

Now the table was interesting, although a little puzzling. Visitors of the table were drawing genitalia on a poster board as an homage to Superbad. That’s all fine and dandy, although I have no idea why.

Anyway, then I spoke to the guy whom I was told was in charge of the table. He was friendly and nice enough to endure all my questions. However, strangely enough, he seemed quite uninformed — even the “naughty” drawings remained unexplained. He managed to give me a brief description of Mind and Body Awareness Week and list off the each day’s theme, but not that much beyond. I knew just as much about the activities as I did before talking to him. His fellow table manager had slightly more information on what was going on.

On a more positive note, I got some free stuff. Yay. Their people (mascots included) were handing out little bags, each containing two condoms, two single-use packs of lube, instructions (courtesy of Trojan) and a list of “Sexual Health Resources” — basically, descriptions and contact info of SHEP, Tang Center, Berkeley Free Clinic, etc. Helpful, I guess. Random complaint: half of the condoms I got were studded. Not a huge fan.

Overall, I guess I have to give them credit for at least giving some attempt at increasing sexual health awareness on campus. However, this is definitely for beginners. If you know what lube is, how to put on condoms and all that, don’t bother.

But at least I got free condoms, right?