The Residents get theatrical at Berkeley Marsh

Halloween, while fun, does bring out the eerie and the eccentric among us. In the world of avant garde, experimental music, those eccentrics would be the longtime art collective known only as the Residents.

Josh Keppel/Courtesy

For over 30 years, no group has better defined the Halloween ethos: costumes, music to shit your pants by and large glass eyeballs instead of heads. And now, they’ve come to Berkeley with their theatrical production, “Sam’s Enchanted Evening” at the Marsh. When the Residents came to the Berkeley Art Museum a year ago, they previewed an excerpt (“So Long Sam”) from the show. Now, the project will be performed in its full glory.

“Sam’s Enchanted Evening” has a vague synopsis. It wouldn’t be the Residents if there wasn’t at least some form of ambiguity at hand. According to the Marsh’s website, the production features a old man, “laboring behind a walker,” who recounts a tale of lead singer Randy’s childhood friend, Sam. As a workshop production, this version of  “Sam’s Enchanted Evening” offers a rare glimpse of intimate contact with the ever elusive collective. The show is currently running until November 26.