Senate reduces number of buses to transport students to regents meeting

At its Wednesday meeting, the ASUC Senate decided to reduce the number of buses transporting students to the UC Board of Regents meeting Nov. 16 from two buses to one.

Due to this reduction, the senators voted to allocate less money toward transportation fees after considering the fact that the regents will not be discussing possible tuition increases at their meeting.

The bill was reconsidered after initially being unanimously passed following a report given by External Affairs Vice President Joey Freeman. In his report, Freeman urged the senate to take another look at the bill after receiving confirmation that the regents would not be discussing tuition at their November meeting.

According to CalSERVE Senator Andrew Albright, who co-authored the bill with Cooperative Movement Senator Elliot Goldstein, the decision to send only one bus to UC San Francisco, where the meeting is being held, was made in order “to show solidarity with the general Day of Action.” The Occupy Cal movement, whose purpose is to raise awareness of a potential 81 percent tuition increase over the next four years, will take place from Nov. 10 to Nov. 15.

Albright said that buses will be sent to the regents meeting from UC campuses across the state to urge members of the board to sign the “ReFund California Pledge,” which urges support for increasing taxes on the wealthiest Californians and reversing tuition increases and cuts to public education, among other things.

“We decided that by sending one bus, we would be remaining in solidarity with this movement, while also saving funds to perhaps send buses at another time when the Regents will be considering fee hikes,” Albright said in an email.

Goldstein said that another reason that the senate revisited its decision was in order to allow for the possibility of sending students to the regents’ meeting in January, when they are more likely to discuss potential tuition hikes.