UC Berkeley builds a virtual road map to assist new students

UC Berkeley’s New Student Services has launched a new website designed to help ease the transition for new students to life at UC Berkeley.

The program, My Years at Cal, is an online road map divided into categories for freshmen, first generation college students and transfer students. It provides guidance on everything from exploring academic interests and financial planning to staying healthy.

Stephen Sutton, executive director of the campus Office of Student Development and co-chair of the First-Year Experience Task Force, said in an email that he is proud of the work the New Student Services team has put into formulating a creative and responsive approach to developing a community for new students on campus.

The New Student Services department is responsible for implementing new programs and creating material that outlines services that assist students who are new to the university. My Years at Cal is a continuation of CalSO orientation, where students meet with counselors and advisers to learn about academic requirements. The website picks up where the two-day freshman and one-day transfer orientations leave off by providing information about professors, informational videos and a resource guide to help navigate the campus.

“During the Operational Excellence Student Services Initiative work, which was the committee sponsored by Vice Chancellor Harry Le Grande and Vice Provost Catherine Koshland, and which I had the pleasure on which to serve, we talked at length about the feedback we heard from students about how to improve their experience here on campus,” Sutton said in an email. “This work of this task force will hopefully address some of those issues.”