New track from hip-hop local act: The Bins

The Bins/Courtesy

Local Bay Area artist The Bins released a new single as a free online download recently. This marks the group’s second release following up their debut EP, Every Minute of the Day Back. I had a chance to talk with Clark Barclay—the man behind the music—this past summer.

Since then, The Bins have gone through some important changes including the addition of Gabe Soriano and Adam Walter to the group. Barclay stressed the importance of collaborating with friends and other up-and-coming artists as a part of the recording process for Every Minute of the Day, but this marks the first time permanent members have been added to the project besides Barclay himself.

The latest single from the group, entitled “Inspiration” further illustrates the central importance of collaborating with other artists for The Bins. This time Barclay enlists the help of alternative hip-hop artist Sole. Along with a ghostly blues beat accompanying the politically motivated rhymes, the track still bustles with elaborate violins, trumpets, and a funky little guitar riff once again highlighting the wide range of influences behind Barclay’s production.

As a bonus, the free download for “Inspiration” also includes five remixes, which are actually more like reimaginations of the single than strict remixes. Also be on the lookout for The Bins soon to be released second EP, Every Second of the Night.