At least seven protesters arrested at Occupy Cal

Tony Zhou/Staff

Today’s protest has resulted in at least seven arrests, all of which are people affiliated with UC Berkeley and at least one of whom is a campus faculty member.

According to UCPD Lt. Alex Yao, one of the protesters was arrested near Kroeber Hall earlier this morning and six were arrested this afternoon on the west side of Sproul Hall.

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All seven were arrested for resisting arrest or delaying a peace officer in the performance of their duties. The six from outside Sproul Hall were also arrested for failure to disperse, according to Yao.

Yao said the six protesters arrested near Sproul could face additional charges.

Protesters from the west side of Sproul Hall have alleged that police used excessive force when breaking through a line the protesters formed between the police and the protesters’ tents this afternoon.

Erick Uribe said an officer hit him in the torso with a baton, leaving a welt.

“We weren’t being aggressive, we made sure to just kind of hold our ground,” he said. “It was definitely not warranted.”

Yao said he could confirm that UCPD officers carry batons as part of their equipment but could not confirm whether the UCPD officers used their batons or to what extent.

“I have full confidence that our officers used the level of force that was appropriate to keep public safety in order,” he said.

Yao said the UCPD requested support from the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office but he could not say exactly how many officers were requested.

Watch video of the protesters’ clash with police below: