Colbert weighs in on Occupy Cal

Late night comedian Stephen Colbert treated UC Berkeley administrators and UCPD officers — or, as Colbert called them, “skilled crisis managers” — to a satiric skewering Thursday night, commending their efforts to keep order on the “hippie haven” campus.

The straight-talking, pro-establishment Colbert applauded their Wednesday actions, complimenting the police force’s violent tactics — captured on video by numerous demonstrators and journalists — as an appropriate reaction to the student protest, even lauding UC Berkeley’s commendable commitment to diversity for “spearing a small Asian girl in the spleen first.”

His segment — flawlessly enunciated apart from a mangled “Sproul” — spread like wildfire through the Cal online community. Liked over 8,000 times on Facebook, UC Berkeley students LOL’d at the clip, many leaving one-word plaudits while one effusive graduate exclaimed, “This just makes me so damn proud to be an alumnus of UC Berkeley.”

Colbert has previously covered occupy demonstrations, but Thursday night’s show marked the first time he focused on the movement’s migration to a college campus.

Watch the clip below.