Staged reading: Professors’ new play ‘The Two-Body Problem’

Andrea Young Arts/Courtesy
Luckily, Berkeley is such a campus that gives us professors that not only teach math and English, but also make movies and write plays. Case in point, UC Berkeley Professors, Edward Frenkel (Department of Mathematics) and Thomas Farber (Department of English) have teamed up to write the play, “The Two-Body Problem.” Frenkel is known most recently for his film, “Rites of Love and Math” that premiered last year. He and award-winning novelist, Professor Farber, have written a play centered on the relationship between a writer and mathematician who meet in the South of France and end up sharing their stories of past relationships, their current bachelor statuses and endeavor to meet women.
A staged reading of the play will be held on Monday, November 14, at 7:30 pm at the Aurora Theater (2081 Addison St) in Berkeley. The reading will be directed by the Founding Artistic Director of the Aurora Theater, Barbara Oliver, and will feature an ensemble of award-winning actors. It’s free and open to the public and will be followed by a Q&A with the playwrights, director and actors. Be sure to make it!