Animation for the adventurous

Eric Khoo/Courtesy

The phrase “animated film festival” will make most people assume that they should bring along their little niece for the show. But what those people have yet to realize is that animated movies ain’t just for the kiddies. Fortunately, the San Francisco Film Society‘s annual San Francisco International Animation Festival will be around this weekend to provide that fun realization. Beginning this Thursday the 10th, the festival will proceed throughout the long weekend at New People Cinema in San Francisco, offering six feature length films and three collections of shorts.

For those of you that already hold an appreciation for animation, don’t worry, there are revelations awaiting you as well. This year’s selections will broaden you conception of the limits of animation by pushing the boundaries of the medium. The opening film, “Glitch in the Grid,” is an integration of live action and stop motion animation that ventures into the mind of a small town guy trapped in the matrix of the big city. Normal scenes warp into bizarre unrealities blossoming with “Science of Sleep”-esque shroom-trip imagery. Director Eric Leiser, a California native and CalArts graduate, will also be speaking at the Opening Night Party that follows the first screening.

If that’s not your style, “Midori-Ko” is a sci-fi narrative from Japanese director and illustrator Keita Kurosaka. Completely hand drawn in colored pencil, Kurosaka spent ten years working on this eerie film about two scientists attempting to create a super food that will solve world hunger. And for those pop culture fiends, the San Francisco Film Society’s own Jay Wertzler has woven together a pastiche of animated internet memes in his “Anthropomorphlolz” — a collage that seems unlikely to bore. Of course, collections of shorts are always entertaining as well. “Ball of Confusion,” which begins with a Bjork music video by Michel Gondry, strikes me as particularly intriguing.

If you’re up for it, has all the information on tickets and showtimes.