Sample Sundays: George Clinton and Funkadelic

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Sample Sundays is back in effect for the seventh week in a row people, big ups and much love to everyone who has been checking in each week.

And now, here is a trivia question to set up the sample – one that I’ll be answering as soon as I ask it (that’s kind of how things go with these posts): Who was the best supporting actor in the 1997 smash hit comedy film “Good Burger?”

The answer, depending on whom you ask, is the ambassador of all things funk; the man beamed down by the funk gods to give us the bands Parliament and Funkadelic – George Clinton. Okay, maybe that’s not true. The best supporting role should probably go to Sinbad, the funkiest comedian to ever make us laugh. Still, George Clinton, and the song of his I’ve chosen for this edition of Sample Sundays were prominently featured in the film in one of my personal all time favorite dance sequences.

That song is “(Not Just) Knee Deep,” off of the bona fide funk classic Uncle Jam Wants You, released in 1979. This Funkadelic album is responsible for spawning countless G-funk classics in the hip-hop world, and, if you have the bread, you should go out and pick up a copy (and if you want to be a real G you’ll cop it on vinyl).

Funkadelic – “(Not Just) Knee Deep”

This song is fifteen minutes of sheer funk and you will groove to every damn second of it if you have the common decency to “let your freak flag fly.”

The song I’ve chosen as the best sampling of this George Clinton gem is from three brothers who brought the freak flag to hip-hop, and wore it proudly.

De La Soul – “Me, Myself, and I”

De La Soul have often been labeled as the hippies of hip-hop, but really they were just Posdnuos, Dave and Maseo, three guys who were proud to display their skills on the mic without fronting, without the hardcore gangster façade that plagued hip-hop (it always will) when they came on the scene in 1989 with the must-own 3 Feet High and Rising.

“Me, Myself, and I” is one of the greatest hip-hop songs about just being yourself, and every cut on 3 Feet High and Rising serves in reaffirming that message.

Here is a list of some of the other artists who have sampled this jam:

Above the Law – “Call it What You Want”

Above the Law – “Never Missin’ a Beat”

Above the Law – “The G in Me”

Alkaholiks – “?”

Bobby Brown – “Get Away”

Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. – “Knee Deep (All up in That P-Funk)”

College Boyz – “How Ta Act”

De la Soul – “Me, Myself and I”

Digital Underground – “Kiss You Back”

Dr. Dre – “Dre Day”

EPMD – “Gold Digger”

Everlast – “Never Missin’ a Beat”

Fu-Schnickens – “Breakdown”

Fu-Schnickens – “Breakdown”

George Clinton – “Martial Law”

Geto Boys – “Homie Don’t Play Dat”

Ice Cube – “How to Survive in South Central”

Jon B – “Simple Melody”

Keith Murray – “Dip-Dip-Di”

LL Cool J – “Nitro”

Original Concept – “Running Yo Mouth”

Paris – “It’s Real”

Private Investigators – “That’s What it Is”

Public Enemy – “Get Off My Back”

Rappinstine – “Scream”

Rascalz – “Northern Touch”

Richie Rich – “Let’s Ride”

Snoop Dogg – “G-Funk Intro”

Snoop Dogg – “What’s My Name?”

Toddy Tee – “Do You Wanna Go to the Liquor Store”

Tone Loc – “Funky Cold Medina”

WC – “Fuckin’ wit uh House Party”

X-Clan – “Funkin’ Lesson”

Yo-Yo – “Ain’t Nobody”

Bonus Sample:

This week’s Bonus Sample comes from Rotary Connection and another Native Tongues affiliate you might have heard of, A Tribe Called Quest.

Rotary Connection – “Memory Band”

A Tribe Called Quest – “Bonita Applebum”

And, just because it’s definitely worth watching, here is the dance scene from Good Burger (make sure you watch out for Clinton with his funky ass shades):

Peace y’all. Catch you again next week.