Alternative resolutions proposed for Academic Senate special meeting

Next Monday’s special meeting of the Berkeley Division of the Academic will hear two alternative proposals stemming from the police use of force at the Nov. 9 Occupy Cal demonstration, in addition to the original proposal calling for a vote of no confidence in senior administrators and their handling of the recent protests.

Read all three proposals below.

The first proposal — the basis for calling the senate’s special meeting — calls for a vote of no confidence in the campus administration’s handling of the Nov. 9 Occupy Cal protest.

Authored by Professor of Political Science Wendy Brown, Professor of Rhetoric Judith Butler and Professor of Gender and Women’s Studies Barrie Thorne.

The second proposal is essentially a watered-down version of the first proposal. Rather than calling for a vote of no confidence, the proposal condemns the police actions on Nov. 9 and states that those events have “greatly diminished” confidence in campus leadership.

Authored by Professors of History David Hollinger and Thomas Laqueur.

The third proposal explicitly outlines nine proposals to more strictly regulate how and when police use force on protesters at UC Berkeley. In addition to stating that tactics such as pepper spray and baton use should not be used in response to non-violent protest, the proposal also would require stricter oversight of police actions on the part of the campus administration.

Authored by Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Brian Barsky and Professor of Law Jonathan Simon.

Jordan Bach-Lombardo is the university news editor.