Yudof to launch investigation into policing protocol

Javier Panzar/Senior Staff
UC President Mark Yudof

UC President Mark Yudof announced Tuesday that he will launch a systemwide investigation into policing protocol on all 10 UC campuses in an effort to identify and amend policy in respect to protests.

Yudof said he intends to provide a comprehensive report of what happened Nov. 18 at UC Davis, when campus police pepper-sprayed protesters as they sat with arms linked on the campus quad.

Yudof has requested that William Bratton — former police chief in both Los Angeles and New York City and current chair of Kroll Consulting Company — “undertake an independent fact-finding of the pepper spray incident and report back the results to him within 30 days,” according to an announcement posted on Facebook Tuesday.

Charles Robinson, UC vice president and general counsel for legal affairs, and Christopher Edley, dean of the UC Berkeley School of Law,  have also been asked to oversee an investigation of campus police protocols in relation to protests throughout the system. The review will involve “visits to campuses for discussions with students, faculty and staff and consultation with an array of experts,” in the hopes that these efforts will lead to an all-around better practice for policing protests, according to the announcement.

State Assembly Speaker John Perez, D-Los Angeles, has requested an independent investigation into the events on UC campuses, the results of which would be presented to an advisory panel of students, faculty, staff and other UC community members.