ASUC holds letter-writing campaign aimed at UC regents

Andrew Kuo/Staff
An open forum was hosted by the ASUC on Tuesday night, which included writing letters to the UC Regents.

ASUC executives and senators gathered in the ASUC Senate Chambers Tuesday night to write handwritten letters to the UC Board of Regents, voicing their opinion against the university budget cuts.

ASUC President Vishalli Loomba, Student Action Senator Connor Landgraf, Loomba’s Chief of Staff Sukhpreet Sembhi, Student Action Senator Justin Sayarath and Natalie Gavello, communications director for the ASUC Office of the President, were present at the Letters to the Regents meeting, which was originally planned as a public forum open to all students. However, no other students attended — possibly due to the meeting being scheduled so close to Thanksgiving break, said Loomba.

Each attendee wrote a letter to a regent appealing for the defense of public education.

“I’m writing to Dr. William De La Pena,” Sayarath said. “I’m talking mainly about language classes being cut and professors leaving because of the quality of education declining.”

After finishing their letters, the participants left the Senate Chambers to hand out blank letters to students on Sproul Plaza.

According to Sembhi, the ASUC will continue the letter-writing campaign throughout next week. Loomba said the letters will be hand-delivered to the regents at their meeting Monday.