Best places to study during finals week

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DECEMBER 04, 2011

The C.V. Starr East Asian Library is thought to be one of the best study spots on campus.
Dwinelle Hall
If it’s 10 p.m. and you’ve already wasted an hour trying to find a seat at Gardner Main Stacks and Moffitt Library, try Dwinelle Hall. Although there are no official library hours for Dwinelle Hall posted on the UC Berkeley website, there are many open classrooms that can be used for studying. Also, you can eat, drink and talk without getting a glare from your neighbor in a cubicle. Even if all the classrooms have people in them, go in and try to make a new study friend. After all, it’s only dead week.
—  Jonathan Tam
C.V. Starr East Asian Library
Skip the overcrowded Gardner Main Stacks and settle down at the East Asian Library, where you can actually look out of the window and see sunlight. This library isn’t large, but it’s always quiet and the minimalistic design and soft colors are relaxing. Come early to grab a seat at one of the spacious tables. If you get restless, take a walk around the library and appreciate its collection of books whose titles you may or may not be able to read. The entrance is easily accessible if you need some fresh air (or have to use your phone). For hardcore studying, head downstairs to the basement that is lit only by blue desk lamps. It’s like studying at a very nerdy dance club.
 Oksana Yurovsky
Sack’s Coffee House
Sack’s Coffee House is a popular study haven for Southside students who need a break from their apartments but have no desire to trek the mile uphill to campus libraries. Customers can expect a decent cup of coffee with enough jolt to get them through a few hours of reading and final papers. The real trick at Sack’s is finding a seat. Because of the student clientele it draws, spots can fill up before noon, and folks who come later in the afternoon may find that — other than the lone chair wedged between a frantic Physics 8A study group and a neighborhood family — seating can be rough. Yet, for students seeking to escape the silence and stress on campus, Sack’s offers a laid-back atmosphere to pore over a semester’s worth of material just in time for finals.
— Victoria Pardini

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DECEMBER 05, 2011