Difficult places to study on campus during finals

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DECEMBER 04, 2011

Main Stacks is found as one of the most difficult places to study on campus
Main Stacks
During dead and finals weeks, the Gardner Main Stacks is packed with people. For many students, the thought of a 24-hour library answers their prayers, aiding them in cramming a semester’s worth of chemistry, sociology and history into one week.
For others, the close proximity to the countless chocolate mochas fuels their studies at the Free Speech Movement Cafe. Regardless of the reason, this library is always packed, and finding a single open seat can take 30 minutes. Unfortunately, said seat is usually between a snorer and a study-talker.
— Jonathan Tam
Free Speech Movement Cafe
When setting your things down at a table at the Free Speech Movement Cafe, — actually, don’t do that. This popular cafe becomes even more noisy and crowded around finals, so even if you do find a place to sit, chances are you won’t be able to hear yourself think over the chatter (to be fair, it is named after the Free Speech Movement). Tables at the cafe are small, and you will most likely have to share one with another person. With so many people crammed into a small area, it becomes hard not to people-watch instead of study. Save this place for a coffee break with friends.
— Oksana Yurovsky

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DECEMBER 04, 2011