Brown to file initiative to raise funds for education

Gov. Jerry Brown plans to bypass the state legislature by filing an initiative with the state Attorney General’s office that would generate nearly $7 billion in dedicated funding for public safety and education.

In an open letter to the people of California Monday, Brown announced a proposal that would require millionaires and high income earners to pay up to 2 percent higher income taxes for five years, while also instituting a temporary 0.5 cent increase on the sales tax.

Last January, Brown proposed a budget that called for a combination of cuts and tax extensions to address the state’s financial woes, part of which would have been sent to the voters. But the legislature failed to garner enough votes to place that measure on the ballot.

“I am going directly to the voters because I don’t want to get bogged down in partisan gridlock as happened this year,” Brown said in the letter. “The stakes are too high.”

Read the full text of Brown’s statement below.

J.D. Morris is the university news editor.