What is “Berkeley Enough?”


After receiving some Internet attention for his comedic music videos “Yoga Girl” and “Whole Foods Parking Lot,” DJDave hits us with the new single “Berkeley Enough.” Apparently the middle-aged rapper left the Bay and moved to L.A. 20 years ago, as it becomes clear when he debates his Berkeley-ness with sidekick LaeCharles in the song.

Like DJDave’s other music, “Berkeley Enough” plays on stereotypes for easy laughs. The song is full of references to the bougie, granola-eating side of Berkeley and seems to reduce the city to the neo-hippie stereotypes it is known for. DJDave is the alter ego of commercial composer David Wittman, so it’s no surprise the song comes off as a gimmick given the man’s line of work. But the nods to favorite Berkeley eateries and hang-out spots make for an entertaining listen nonetheless. If you’ve left Berkeley for the holidays, this video might give you a taste of home — especially since most of it was shot in Gourmet Ghetto. Does DJDave seem “Berkeley Enough” to you?