The Internet: Purple Naked Ladies

As ambient hip-hop continues to rise out of uncharted wavelengths and into a popular genre of its own, The Internet serve as a prime example of this recent uprising. With their debut album, Purple Naked Ladies, the digital duo have tastefully combined hip-hop and soul in a soothing record — much unlike their past work as members of Odd Future — that will fade smoothly into your ears.

The main reason The Internet are  attractive their infectiously relaxing beats. Although the album is perfect for chilling out on the couch or doing homework, it also fits well with more engaging, physical activities, which is a balance that is rare to find in most ambient-style music. Songs like “Violent Nude Woman” are a prime example, as the intensity of the synth travels up and down while the ebb and flow of the steady drum beats and reverb-filled electric guitar complement each other. Other tracks like “Cocaine” place the typical ambient melodies in the background as an upbeat, funk-driven groove takes over. On the other end of the spectrum, songs like the short-but-sweet “Love Song” embrace the duo’s softer, more traditional form of the genre.

However, that isn’t to say the album is without flaws. If the beats are the main attraction of the album, then the lyrics are the neglected sideshow. With lyrics like “She shake off all of her hair / because she don’t give a fuck” from “She Dgaf,” the repetition of simplistic lyrics can hinder the album’s ingenuity. Thankfully, since the emphasis is on the production, the songs that suffer from lyrical deficiency aren’t as noticeable. Overall though, The Internet manage to combine the upbeat with the lull, putting a fresh look on a genre that has barely reached fruition.