Sample Sundays: Mel & Tim Are Insane

“Who you trying to get crazy with ese?” Sample Sundays is back in effect and you know I have to break y’all off with crazier and even more out there samples now that we are one semester deep.

So this week’s sample comes straight out of left field. I don’t know anything about the artist or anything about the song other than the fact that it was sampled to create one of the greatest hip-hop songs of all time – if one was making a list (I make fictional lists all the time), it would definitely be in the top 100 hip-hop songs of all time. Anyway, here is the sample (see if you can pick it out before scrolling):

Mel & Tim – Good Guys Only Win in the Movies

Now, the group that sampled this is notoriously stoned, and we should thank them for that. On their substance of choice, they have given us the best and most funked out hip-hop stoner jams (“I Wanna Get High,” “Dr. Greenthumb” and “Hits from the Bong,” to name a few) of any group around, the Grateful Dead of hip-hop – Cypress Hill.

Cypress Hill – Insane in the Brain

(Someone was clearly taking hits from a double-barrel bong – cough, DJ Muggs – when they decided a horse noise was perfect for a sample. But damn if it doesn’t make the track. Too bad Sesame Street didn’t air dope music videos in 1993, otherwise I would have been trying to rap much earlier in my life. My penchant for profanity was still probably there, though.)

If you haven’t heard this song, then you have either lived your life with such scorn and derision for the hip-hop community that you refuse to listen to anything with a boom-bap drum beat and ridiculously dope lyrics or you have been living on a planet that does not have parties, alcohol, and marijuana. Either way, I feel terrible for you.

Anyway, “Insane In the Brain” is off of Cypress Hill’s second multi-platinum album (they have four), Black Sunday. This album is one of the pillars of hip-hop. It established Cypress Hill as a duo, with the help of the phenomenally funky production of DJ Muggs (he was part of the reason the group was banned from “Saturday Night Live” – though, in light of the last decade of that show, it wasn’t a big loss), who could consistently bring us street narratives in a zany and approachable way. Something about B-Real’s nasally delivery is always endearing.

As an added bonus for this sample here is Cypress Hill with “Insane In The Brain” on “The Simpsons,” as well as their last “SNL” performance:

(My apologies for the quality. Fox took down the original video – jerks.)

(Lighting a ‘J’ on national TV just isn’t cool…. It’s pretty dope.)

Bonus Sample:

This week’s bonus sample comes from another hip-hop artist who has been known for his predilection for the sticky-icky (he was actually just arrested for possession), Snoop Dogg, and a group of guys with really high voices (get it?).

The Bee Gees – Love You Inside Out

Snoop Dogg – Ups & Downs

(Snoop’s voice is timeless. I would buy a Snoop R&B album in a second … and, oh yeah, this video is ill. Rapping while getting a tattoo, blunts, thick, sexy women counting money and cooking, lifting weights in the front yard, and dominos – classic West Coast, classic Snoop.)