Mayor files campaign paperwork for possible re-election bid

Last week, Mayor Tom Bates filed the necessary paperwork for campaign fundraising, a possible indication of his intention to seek a fourth mayoral term this November.

Bates submitted a Candidate Intention Statement, which must be filed by candidates for state and local office before they can solicit or receive any campaign contributions.

He also filed a Statement of Organization Recipient Committee, which candidates are required to file if they plan to raise or spend more than $1000 in one calendar year on an election bid. Bates filed the documents under the committee name “Re-Elect Mayor Tom Bates 2012.”

Despite the nature of the documents, Bates has not yet confirmed his candidacy in the November election.

“The Mayor has filed the papers needed to raise campaign funds and will be making an announcement in the next few weeks,” said Judith Iglehart, chief of staff to Mayor Bates.

The official filing period for candidates begins July 16 and lasts until Aug. 10 prior to the election.

“There are certain rules about forms you have to file if you want to raise and spend money for an upcoming election, but that doesn’t qualify you to be a candidate,” said Acting City Clerk Mark Numainville.

Bates’ political career includes four years on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors and two decades as a representative for Berkeley in the California legislature prior to his election as mayor of Berkeley in 2002. He was sworn in to office in December 2002, after beating out opponent and incumbent mayor Shirley Dean, who said she does not intend to run in November’s election.

Bates’ first term lasted two years and was followed by two four-year terms.

The other offices up for re-election include City Council seats for Districts two, three, five and six, as well as four seats on the rent board and two school board seats.