This Week in Sound: Rearmed, Remixed, and Revamped

Welcome back to your favorite neighborhood music blog! I know, it must have been hard without it, but This Week in Sound is back and with a new local focus. You’ll still get all your general news on CD releases, concerts and special events as well, so don’t worry, you’re not losing anything. But enough talk, time to hear about some music.

Lots of big name CD releases this week. Nostalgic comes full force with brand new albums from Paul McCartney and Van Halen respectively this week. The knighted Beatle and the big-haired guitar shredders still have strong followings, so it’ll be interesting to see who comes out on top (or who’s tour is more popular). Of Montreal and the Fray are also each releasing albums this week, giving the younger generation a chance to see if they can hold their own against the aforementioned veteran musicians.


Nicole Nodland/Courtesy

Not a whole lot of concert news this week, but the controversial Lana Del Rey will be doing a free show and signing at Amoeba in SF this Thursday at 6. Whether you love her or hate her (or if you don’t know her, check out Michelle Ma’s review ) it’s still a free show, and will be a good opportunity to find out if her live act is really something to talk about.

Now for the new part of This Week in Sound:

Local Limelight:

Each week, Local Limelight will feature a local band that you readers should definitely check out. One, to support the local music scene, and two, because these bands kick ass and are deserve your attention. This week’s band is:

A B & the Sea

Molly DeCoudreaux/Courtesy

If the Beach Boys and the Beatles had a lovechild, and if some SF charm got injected whilst the lovechild was still an egg, then the breezy, harmonizing rockers A B & the Sea would be that special kid. Although the band only has a couple of EPs under their belt, their catchy hooks and soothing croons will stay with you like the smell of the sea after a day at the beach. Although their newest single from last year “In the Sunshine” sounds like they’re trying to copy Foster the People a little too much (why did the synth get added?), their style still can be heard within it, and hopefully they’ll choose not to stray too far from what they created with their EPs. Here’s “Yellow-Haired Girl,”a track from the Suzie/Yellow-Haired Girl Single.

Hope you all enjoyed the first installment of Local Limelight. What did you think of it? Any suggestions or bands that you would like to see covered?