Sample Sundays: Punk Paper Planes

Bob Gruen/Courtesy

What’s up people? Last Sunday was the Super Bowl, and that means that last weeks edition of Sample Sundays should have been more topical, so I’ll try to keep myself abreast of anything that might be significant to a large group of people in this nation (I doubt it though).

So, for this week, I’ll be breaking you off with a sample that is a bit more timely, or topical, or what have you. This week’s sample is from one of the greatest (if not the greatest) punk rock groups of all time: The Clash.

The Clash — Straight To Hell

Now, while I’ve mostly covered Funk, Soul, and R&B songs that have been sampled over the years, Rock has definitely been mined for some samples as well, and in the future I’ll try to incorporate more of them.

“Straight To Hell” is off of the Clash’s fifth album, Combat Rock, which some of you might know for the ever lyrically incomprehensible “Rock the Casbah,” or one of my personal favorites, “Should I Stay or Should I Go.” This album is two times platinum as far as I know, but I’m pretty sure sales (probably digital) will continue to rise as more and more of the youth (I think I’m technically in this group) discover the band. On a related note, pick up every one of their albums — now.

And, without any more delay, here is the track that sampled this classic Clash song:

M.I.A. – Paper Planes

(This song definitely takes its inspiration from “Straight To Hell” in more than one way, as both songs deal primarily with the issue of immigration.)

After watching M.I.A. give the middle finger at the Super Bowl (just as The Clash probably would have done), it’s only right that I give her some good press. “Paper Planes” blew the fuck up when it came out, and if you haven’t heard it, all I’ll say is that you should get M.I.A.’s Gold album Kala, released in 2007. It’s a trip.

As an added bonus, here is the Hip-Hop remix of this track, one that I’ve definitely worn out:

M.I.A. ft. Bun B & Rich Boy – Paper Planes Remix

(Too bad Pimp C wasn’t on this one.)


Bonus Sample:

This week’s Bonus Sample comes from three bad brothers from Hollis who loved to rock Adidas, an Arena Rock legend.

Billy Squier – Big Beat

(I personally like Billy Squier for “The Stroke.” Especially when it was in Billy Madison.)

Run-DMC – Here We Go

(Off of their first album. I wish I was in the womb when this came out so at least I could have heard this slamming beat somewhere.)

And just for kicks (although someone at Universal has disabled embedding this video), here is that scene from Billy Madison.

Catch y’all on the flip flop. Peace.