Cal alums Alex Morgan, Natalie Coughlin in SI Swimsuit issue

Sports Illustrated/Courtesy

According to the opening paragraph of its Wikipedia page, Berkeley houses nine Nobel Prizes, 139 Guggenheim Fellows, three Pulitzer prizes, and is consistently ranked as the greatest public school in the history of the universe.

But never has a Berkeley alum achieved the lofty status that Alex Morgan has recently attained: Hottest Female Athlete Alive.

Recently, the title has been in question, with some advocating Danica Patrick or Maria Sharapova as potential rivals for the former Cal women’s soccer star. But after Morgan’s recent feature in the SI Swimsuit Issue, the debate has officially ended. Morgan appears in the newest Swimsuit Issue sans any clothing, with only a geometric paint pattern preventing 18-year-old boys everywhere from achieving their ultimate fantasy. Her photo was leaked three days before the Swimsuit Issue was officially released.

“Si swimsuit” is currently the No. 5 trending item on Google, in part because of Morgan’s mere presence in the issue. Fellow Cal alum and Olympic Gold Medalist Natalie Coughlin also makes an appearance in the issue, making Berkeley the most prominently featured university in the 2012 SI Swimsuit Edition.

So listen up Wikipedia editors: Berkeley ain’t all about academic accolades anymore; now, we got the hottest female athletes in town.

Notable athletes not featured in the Swimsuit Issue: the Ogwumike sisters.